Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More little things

- Elliot can read! Words he has successfully read more than once: zoo, no, the, bump, boom, and cat. It's still based more on recognition of combinations of letters than on phonics, I think, but it's a start.

- Corryn can sit up! She still needs a little bit of help so she doesn't topple over when she's tired, but she's a big girl now.

- Andy and I went to a salad buffet place at the end of last term and we saw a) a salad that was entirely mushrooms (that's not an exaggeration. It was a huge pile of mushrooms on a plate, and the guy shoveled 'em in) and b) a salad that was just iceberg lettuce swimming in an ocean of ranch. It belonged to a little girl.

- Andy's family treated the kids to their first trip to Disneyland. There was much grumpiness involved, but also lots of fun. Haunted mansion...the best.

- Andy got to use his Chinese skills with a new friend who just popped into church this week. It was a wonderful experience, and we hope to see him again.

- According to those little height predictor thingies that you can use when your kid is two years old, Elliot is going to be 6' 4" at age 18. That's my tall boy.

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Sarah said...

Reading... awesome. Sitting up... So helpful. That little girl with the salad sounds like me at that age. To think I didn't like salads at one point. What kind of salad did you get?

Erin said...

Mushroom salad is my favorite food. Well, mushroom salad covered in ranch dressing.

Holly K said...

I would like to submit a request for more pictures of Corryn. Please and thank you?