Friday, April 22, 2011

I never brag about my family...without my megaphone

If for some reason you close your eyes for all the pictures in this post, open them for the last one.

Love the scrunchy face.

I really like this picture. It's like he's being abducted.

Isn't he handsome?

These really are my three favorite people.

Tickle attack.

To quote Elliot, "Yay Daddy! Yay Mommy! Yay Elliot! Yay peoples!"


I'm gonna punch you in the glasses.

My baby got older this week.

It doesn't get cuter than this.

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Jonathan and Marissa said...

Summer, your kids are gorgeous! I love reading your blog!

Katya said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! (The extra w's are for emphasis.)

Grandma said...

I love those kids and their parents! As I've watched Elliot grow, I always thought he couldn't get cuter, but then he does. Corryn is showing the same trend. Your children are beautiful.

ashley. said...

oslo has that robot shirt! i love you! i miss you!

Erin said...

I think every comment I leave on here is the same, and it goes like this: OH MY GOSH your kids are cute! It is still true.

Holly K said...

Is Corryn a Modest Mouse fan, or does she just have animosity towards glasses in general?

Sarah said...

Love those pics. She is getting so big. Thanks for sharing with your megaphone and all.