Monday, September 6, 2010

The darnedest thing...

Like most little guys, Elliot says his prayers by repeating the last word of whatever we tell him to say. You may also remember that he makes a smacking/chewing sound for the sound of a turtle. This was how our prayer went last night:

Me: "We're thankful..."
E: "mmmmful!"
Me: "our family..."
E: "fammy!"
Me: "is eternal..."
E: smacksmacksmack

It was not a very reverent prayer after that.

P.S. My sincere thanks go to those who voted in the essay contest. You guys are nice.

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bekki said...

That makes me happy! :) Whenever we say "to" in Landon's prayers he says one, go! Or continues on with 3,4,5 etc. I like cute little boys.

Cari Dahl said...


Your kid's awesome.