Saturday, September 11, 2010

What the heck, womb...

This stubborn little lady is seven days late and hasn't shown any signs of coming soon. It's a mind game to have a big countdown and then...nothing and then...still nothing. My expectations have been thwarted and sometimes it feels like I'm not even waiting for a baby at all, just going through my day in great discomfort for no reason.

And that's not to mention the insanity that is trying to coordinate a move, childbirth, the start of school, and California residency all within days of each other. We've had about 50 plan B's - at varying degrees of stressfulness and implausibility - that we've thought up and discarded as the days tick away. Right now it's looking most likely that Andy is going to go to California without me and I'm going to stick around here with the kids for a little while...and we're not even sure this baby is going to come before he needs to leave. But he'll wait until the absolute last minute to leave, if he has to.

In sum: I'm great at making babies, but awful at having them. Cross your fingers for us.

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