Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time is marching on, and time is still marching on

I was trudging through some old blog posts looking for something, and boy how things have changed. All I write about these days are babies and business. Because that's my life these days. Some thoughts I wanted to get down:

- The most memorable Fine Doodles order to date: the drawing of a three-year-old boy who passed away a week ago last Saturday. It was rushed to arrive as a gift to the parents (the aunt of the boy is the one who did the ordering) at the funeral. It's a picture of him riding a tractor at his grandpa's farm.

- Andy and I got a cheap one-night vacation by the coast last week. It was spontaneous, and it was the first night that Elliot spent without either one of us nearby, and we won't get another chance any time soon. It was so lovely. Things weren't any less stressful when we got home, but it was nice while it lasted.

- We raised our prices for Fine Doodles. I just couldn't keep up with the orders coming in at that rate, and we had to slow it down somehow. We may need to actually spend some money on advertising now, though.

- Elliot gets a CT scan on Thursday to investigate more about his hearing loss, and to find out if it's the type that could get much worse with a hard knock to the head. I'm not excited about this.

- Elliot has learned to raise his right hand in sacrament meeting. Problem is that he waits until everybody else is done sustaining to do it, and I think he opposed every single calling this last Sunday.

- I'm about seven months along now, and I can't wait to hold this wiggly little girl in my arms instead of my belly.

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Holly K said...

I remember you being impatient to hold Elliot too, when you were pregnant with him. And you're getting so close!

I don't see anything wrong with blogging about babies and buisness I like hearing updates. :)