Saturday, May 8, 2010

One last birthday present...

I forgot to mention one last bit of good news from the past few days: we found out we got the housing we wanted. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one shall be my painting studio), dishwasher and internet and all that good stuff, cheaper than the other places (though still more than twice as much as we were paying in Provo) as well as some utilities paid, right next to a chapel, right next to a bus stop for Andy to ride to campus, a community of other people with kids, a kid's pool, an adult pool, a playground, outdoor space to run around in...

Sounds pretty great, right? We're going to be there a while, so we really wanted Elliot and little girl to have the chance to run around and make friends.

The downsides: Price. Space (we'll have even less space than we had before, but with the addition of one more person and all of her requisite baby things. Clearly I cannot be as much of a packrat as I always have been). And a monthly ROA fee of $5. Darn it all.

Oh, and maximum occupancy for the place is 4. So if we have another baby before Andy gets his PhD (and with a 5-7 year wait until that happens, it's a big possibility), we'll have to move again.

We even think it's on the first floor. With two little people, that'll be nice.

We lucked out.

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Lindsay Koelling said...

You certainly DID luck out! That is so exciting! We are working on getting out apt in NYC and its half the size of our Provo apartment and 3 times as much! Oh the joys of leaving Utah!