Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another good day

Since the last post, the birthday presents have just kept rollin' in. Andy got to feel little girl move for the first time. I got Fantastic Mr. Fox on blu-ray, because my mom is extra nice. I got a huge box of colorful, re-stringable, hand-made alphabet pennants from which to construct my own banners, and also in the same box I got a "Ministry of Silly Walks" onesie for little girl, who will, clearly, be the next Minister of Silly Walks.

Speaking of silly walks...

Elliot walked completely unassisted EIGHT FEET today. Without even being tricked into it.

I've been waiting for this for six months - he's long had the balance and the leg strength. Just lacked the motivation and the confidence.

We also went on a long walk, after which I felt the urge to exercise, so I did. I feel good. I was over 200 lbs. at the end of my last pregnancy, which is pretty ridiculous for a girl pushing 5'6". I'd like to do things a little differently this time.

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