Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If life gives you hearing loss, make hearing aids...

Elliot got his hearing aids today.

I'm not sure how these first two pictures got that blue, Minority-Report-esque tinge to them, but I like how concerned he looks. Andy says I make that face a lot when I'm fake upset.

His right ear - the one that is a little harder of hearing - is kinda funny shaped, and the hearing aid doesn't fit quite right and flops around. We're going to need to get toupee tape to get it to stick next to his head.

He doesn't seem to mind them. He was a little upset during the fitting, but after that he was fine. Definitely slept lighter in his stroller - woke up to sounds he wouldn't usually notice. And he got very excited as we were reading to him.

Just look at that face. Yep, still cute.

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Genuine Draft said...

If you're already buying the tape you might as well go whole hog and get him a toupee as well. It will give him a mysterious air and an edge on all the other babies, not to mention disguise his embarrassing baldness.

Lindsay said...

:) He is most definitely still cute. I'm glad that they are working...especially that he gets excited when you're reading to him. :)