Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

I hosted a "drinking party" in celebration of my twentieth birthday a few years ago - we drank soda and juice while playing drinking games like "I Never" and "(Root)beer Pong." I don't remember who - I think it might have been Micah Croft - gave me Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, an Alcoholics Anonymous book, as a gag gift. I don't think he knew that somebody had written a prayer inside, and I wanted to record that prayer before I give the book back to D.I. from whence it came (original line breaks and conventions intact):

being comfortable in your
own skin
God keep me sober
until I want to stay
solutions acceptance
is my solution to my
core of addiction is
self centeredness, get
outside of myself
pray for the willingness
to be willing

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Bakes. said...

i want to start writing inspirational prayers in self help books.

m said...
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m said...

This post made me smile.