Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independent Baby!

Elliot is just shy of four months old. He's standing up (with help, of course) like a champ, he can roll onto his side from his back if he really wants to, he "wiggle-commutes" on his back on the floor (though he doesn't get very far), and he's just starting to use his hands to their fullest potential (i.e., bringing stuff to his mouth). Yesterday he was in his car seat and we were giving him a little milk from a bottle. In a moment of neglect we let it sit on his chest and paid attention to something else. He picked it up and put it in his mouth like a ten-month-old! It was mostly luck, though. He's still pretty clumsy with his hands, and seems to think kicking is a good substitute for reaching.

Anyway, Elliot's been sleeping about ten hours at night for a while now, and we feel that it's time to let Elliot sleep in his own room. He's been spending the nights in a bassinet right beside me since he was born, but we're picking up a crib for him this morning and he's moving out tonight.


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Bakes. said...

yay!!! congratulations! elliot is a cool cool cat.