Monday, April 6, 2009

This is what it would look like if Emotion Eric took on an apprentice...

Prepare yourself for some major baby showoffery. The original chronology is intact, as it made me laugh just the way it is. I love how he flares his nostrils in about eighty percent of these:

This one is called "Chillin"

This one is "Chubby yet Comfortable with Myself"

"Shocked and Concerned"


"The Brando"

"What's for Dinner Again? Oh Yeah, Milk. Delicious Milk."


"Bring It"


"Weary Contemplation"

"Let Me Make My Mouth as Small as Possible."

"Never Mess with a Sicilian..."


And we saved the best for last. His pouty face just slays me:

Are you jealous?

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Lindsay and Mackay said...

I love his pouty face. So cute-yes, a bit jealous.

Laurie said...

"Brando" is my favorite. He's so cute I could eat him.

Lisa Michelle said...

Completely, utterly, uncontrollably jealous.

Bakes. said...

hahaha your baby is so pensive!

Becky said...

who knew that a month old baby could have so many emotions and ways to express them.