Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nope, no baby yet

A bunch of people have been asking on Facebook and the like, but we're still waiting.

A few stray thoughts:

  • I took off my wedding ring while I still could. It used to be pretty loose but my fingers have definitely swelled, and I don't want it to get cut off ... if that actually happens. I miss it, though. And my fingers still look small.
  • A baby that was due a week after mine was born a week ago. Isn't it odd that he'll be older than my child even though mine has been in existence longer? Not much difference, I know.
  • I had another contraction. Hoorah.
  • The blessing is still planned for the 29th. But our church starts at 8:30 in the morning.
  • The thing about which I'm most scared is that they won't let you drink water during labor. Ridiculous. What if I get thirsty? Ice chips? Not the same.

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Lisa Michelle said...

No water during labor?!? I drink gallons hourly. This could prove to be a problem a couple years from now. p.s. Good luck! (Is that an appropriate thing to say to a woman about to give birth?)

Lindsay & Mackay said...

I agree-I love drinking water-especially purified ice cold water. :( I hope the baby comes soon though and I hope everything goes well!!

Amber said...

Yeah, the no-drinking thing really gets to me.

Isn't it exciting to feel contractions? Until they're really painful and right on top of each other? (still exciting, I guess, but not fun)

alishka babushka said...

i love your blog (i'm on the of silent stalker types) and i just wanted you to know my birthday is saturday, and i love having a march birthday. good luck! here's to a new baby really soon!!

Lisa Myers said...

it will be okay dear Summer, you'll learn to LOVE ice chips, like i do!!!

Keri said...

Why on earth can't you drink water? I was encouraged to both drink and eat during labor! When I was in labor with Miriam I drank tons & ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's!

PS-Both my girls were two weeks late (and eventaully c-sections)so I sympathize. Good luck when your baby finally does decide to move out!