Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greatest with child

The onset of spring has always smelled like things ending to me. School year, winter, all the major graduation milestones, and now pregnancy and life as a working nonmother. The smell of endings is pleasant.

I'm due next Friday, friends. Or next Sunday, if you go by my first due date estimate which I know is off by anywhere from a week to a few days, or next Monday, if you go by the doctor's misreading of the chart that was based on my first inaccurate due date. But we'll have a baby by Monday the 16th for sure, since my doctors' office induces if you go a week past your (apparently arbitrary) due date.

So, potentially, this next weekend is my last weekend as a nonmother. I would say that we should party, but I'm usually quite sleepy in the evenings.

I feel pretty good, though.

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Amber said...

It's an exciting feeling to know your little babyfriend will show up at any moment (with several hours of preliminary junk, of course). Best wishes for a good delivery, and a tolerable pregnancy finale.

Eliza said...

Holy cow my friend. You are going to be a mom.

That is neat.

Amy said...

Summer I am so excited for you to have a baby boy! I have a baby present for you from assorted Reich-men. Also you should know that I made a blog, and a huge motivator behind that was so that I could stalk your blog more readily. :)

your sis-in-law who will never be a nonmother again said...


Lindsay & Mackay said...

So it's been a week since you posted, but we have been in transit. Have you had your baby yet? Hope things are going well!!