Monday, February 16, 2009

A little chastisin'

So we're not famous for being punctual people. A local legend, maybe, but not famous.

Our ward boundaries just changed, and last week was the first week in the new ward for all the couples who switched (of which we are one). We weren't the only ones on the slightly left side of on time. The first counselor of the bishopric gently reminded us all to leave our homes "by 8:15, and you should be fine." (Or ward meets at 8:30 now. Our last ward met at 8:00.)

Well a few days ago, this same member of the bishopric called and asked me if I would give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting on Sunday (now yesterday). I accepted.  We left our home at 8:15 ... but we still had to scrape our car ... and thought we would be just fine. Even pulled into the church parking lot feeling that it would be tight but we were okay. Opened the doors to hear our ward singing the opening hymn. Oh snap.

Rushed in, sat near the front, they were still on the first verse. Looked at the clock. It's at least five minutes ahead of ours. Nearing the end of the last verse. Got up to start walking toward the front. Noticed the RS President also walking toward the front, smiling brightly at no one in particular. Slowly realized that we were walking to the front for the same reason. I turned tail and scurried back to my seat, as much as I can scurry with a belly this size.

So I was already pretty embarrassed, right? Then imagine my mortification as the bishop, the first speaker, gets up and tells a story about a bishop who thought he'd go fishing before church then arrived a little late to find an empty chapel with a note on the front door that reads, "Sorry we missed you, bishop. -Enoch." Pretty sure he was looking straight at me the whole time, too. I died just a little.

Really, I deserve it. This is just the latest in a string of gradually intensifying reminders that I need to stop being such a lazy bum, dagummit. The Lord just had to speak loud enough that I could hear with my deaf ears.

I get it now! I get it!

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Brooklyn said...

Hahahhahaha. Boy do I understand that one. I'm the ward pianist (we don't have an organ), so if I'm not there like, a full 10-15 minutes early, it's really obvious when I come in. I'm often 2-3 minutes early, so oh boy.

ashley. said...

what if you gave the opening prayer, say, saturday morning? what are you doing then? want to ham it up for me?

Becky said...

I did that once. Being late and then saying the opening prayer. I was sitting in the very back though (luckily). As I stood up to walk to the front to say the prayer there was another girl already on her way. I quickly sat down and luckily only the other late people in the overflow saw me make a fool of myself. Turns out though that I was supposed to say the prayer the following week. suck. Hey, are you a mother yet?