Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The world shines as I cross the Macon County line...

Conversing with Chilly lately, we got to talking about the South a little. It amazes me how people that have never spent much time there have never heard of kudzu. Kudzu is everywhere down in Dixie (in fact, the Wikipedia article lists "The vine that ate the South" as an alternate name). Kudzu is a Japanese vine that was introduced to the U.S. in 1876 (which also happens to be the year that Colorado became a state and Eliza's house was built) as an ornamental plant and to help fight erosion. Then, as already suggested, it ate the South. Allow me to show you a picture:

That is a house.

I adore how kudzu softens the entire landscape - everything looks rounded, inflated, and continuous. There are no lines, no hard edges - just a green expanse of terrycloth laid over everything.

This is where I grew up, and, hopefully, where we're going.

Andy will be applying to Emory University in the Atlanta area for grad school. It's an excellent school, has a great film program, waives tuition for film grad students, and only permits about six new film students a year.

Cross your fingers for us.

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Lindsay & Mackay said...

Good luck!! When will you know whether or not he gets in?

ashley. said...

Brockett Ward. Bishop Young.

Eliza said...

Good luck good luck!

Also, cool shout-out to my house. I'm impressed you remembered the year. Sometimes I don't!

CJ said...

you know you love the mountain goats ;)

Bakes. said...

1. going to georgia is probably my favorite mountain goats song ever!!!

2. hurray for the southland! good luck with emory, i so hope it works!!!

3. they just cleared a bunch of land by my house. it used to be covered in kudzu, just like this picture. i'm sad every time i go by and see the future development.