Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thinking outloud about the thing in my tummy

Our baby is about an inch and a half long right now. We're at 11 weeks (we think), so almost out of the first trimester. That's not our baby pictured, by the way - it's some Google Images baby that also happens to be 11 weeks along. I haven't actually been to the doctor yet thanks to some really awesome happenings involving insurance, but don't get too worried - I have my insurance ID number as of yesterday morning, and I will be getting to the doctor post haste. In the meantime, never fear; I've been taking my prenatals and avoiding sprouts.

I feel like I've been checking items off of my Milestones to Adulthood list in record time - I've graduated college, gotten hitched, and heck, now we've made a baby! Now there are only minor things left, it seems, like buying a house and serving as Relief Society President and having grandchildren. Then I'll be a grown-up. As it is, I still feel roughly 14 years old.

If you'd like to hear about some of my adventures in pregnancy, take a stroll through, where Andy has written some eye-witness accounts of the dignified things I do and say in my much-needed sleepy time. Other than being tired, I do feel sick quite a lot, but that has yet to come to tangible (not that you'd want to touch it) fruition, and I'm about to finish with the worst of it, so all in all I'm pretty lucky.

As Andy said the other day through a big grin, "I'm really happy we're having a baby. I really am." We weren't planning on it, but hey, now that it's here ... we're pretty dang excited.

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ashley. said...

you know i can't wait to get my hands on that little pea. (and you again)

The Moores said...


Erin said...

For the love! I'm SO excited for you! No, that's not true. I am excited for you, but I am definitely MORE excited for your unborn child. Do you know why? Because he or she has you and Andy to raise him or her. Jeez, that's a lucky kid.

Cluff Family said...

You're pregnant?!? Congratulations!

Lisa Myers said...

I call being the first aunt on the Myers side to hold little he/she!!!