Tuesday, August 19, 2008

you're my fact-checkin cuz

I had a dream about Stelth the other night. Most of you know all about him - my best friend in high school, the train-hopper, the street musician, the world traveler. He's previously been called Dean on this blog after Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac's On the Road - the hero to my Sal.

In my dream, Stelth found a book of my father's called The Sufficient Costume, which taught the history and theory and methods of rendering oneself invisible through concentration. (It wasn't cheesy in the dream.) Stelth studied it hard, and eventually succeeded. We tried to keep it under wraps, but my father found out that it really worked, and he suddenly had respect for my friend (which wasn't the case in high school days). I too was moved. I saw Stelth's adventuresome life opening up on a new level while mine stayed stagnant.

I told my parents I was going away for a while, don't worry and don't wonder where I am. So I drove away and started to look for a few ghosts from my past.

That dream has kinda stuck with me. Except last night I dreamed about mud puddles and pastries.

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