Saturday, June 23, 2007

Things that I like and dislike

I like: when you buy those little disposable salt and pepper shakers that have the contents-restraining sticker on top which, when peeled, reveals six perfectly formed and tiny mounds of condiment stuck to the adhesive.
I dislike: the fact that when making rice and also attempting to be economical by using the same measuring cup for both the water and the rice, the water comes first, causing rice grains to stick inside the cup upon second use.
I like: the small, delicate stalactites that form from the holes in the shaker lid when attempting to pour salt into a steamy rice or pasta pot.
I dislike: talking during movies and singing along to songs that aren't oldies.
I like: the ideas expressed in this article very much.
I dislike: my bedroom door being open while I'm sleeping.
I like: the sound that pigeons make.
I dislike: the sound of somebody clipping their nails.
I like: watching the Food Network.
I dislike: my brain sometimes.

What about you?

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MustacheBoy said...

I like bacon. It is the most savory of meats. The King of Meats, if you will.
I dislike the sound of my own footsteps.
I like birds.
Birds dislike me.

That's pretty much it for now.

flippin said...

I like hanging out with people at the expense of work, school and dating.
I dislike the sense of regret that accompanies that.
I like talking during movies and singing along to all kinds of songs.
I dislike most oldies.
I like you.
I also like the fact that you and Ender seem super happy.

CJ said...

I like sunshine, lolly pops, everything that's wonderfull, and how I feel when I'm with you.

Kismet Keeper said...

I like: randomly feeling SO excited and being able to turn my music up loud and dance while I drive.
I dislike: catching colds in the summer. I seem to have a knack for it.
I like: falling asleep and waking up with the same smile on my face and feeling inside of me.
I dislike: feeling that I'm not doing well enough at my job.
I like: being pleasantly surprised when people take the time to come up to me after preforming my job to tell me that they liked it and I did well.
I dislike: the dark.
I like: the feel of a lemur tounge on my skin.
I dislike: the feel of my nails on a chalkboard.
I like: driving with friends late at night.
I dislike: people that I love being far away and basically inaccessable.

I also liked this "game." =)

L'Afro said...

I like: Little Boy Blue.
I dislike: that I like the sound of my brother's ukulele better.
I like: generic Chex.
I dislike: generic Corn Flakes.
I like: you.
I dislike: alien planets.
I like: the way I look in heels.
I dislike: actually wearing heels.
I like: occasionally being alone.
I dislike: being lonely.

New Yorker said...

I like fresh cut lawns
I dislike not knowing how to do my job
I like waking up at 4 in the morning
I dislike waking up at 4am when I could be hanging out with good friends UNTIL 4 in the morning!
I like a good action flick eating chinese & Mt. Dew with a dozen of the guys
I dislike dentists
I like camping and having pancakes for breakfast!
I dislike the smell of exhaust (automobile and homo sapiens)
and last but not least"
I like (in the good words of flippin) hanging out with people at the expense of work, school and dating.