Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy D Day

My life is so full of good things right now that I almost feel guilty, like I'm living some lavish life full of diamonds and glamor. Take this upcoming week for an example; on Wednesday, Ender (formerly known as Elder M) will be arriving back in Utah for the summer term and likely come to Movie Night with me, then Thursday is Bad Movie Night and the Board Party, then Friday maybe I get to spend some time alone with him and also L'Afro and Olympus are coming back, then all sorts of things are on the slate for Saturday including a possible baptism and maybe a trip to a rope swing over a pond down in Mona. Doesn't that sound like a perfect day? Blessed water. And Sunday will be Ender's homecoming talk, which you're welcome to attend if you'd like. Then next weekend, CJ will be coming to visit, and the Monday after, Ender and I (and all of the relevant family members) will be flying south for one glorious week under the Alabama sun. Or clouds, as the case may be.

On top of all that, several concerts of particular interest are rolling through town in the next couple of months: The Aquabats, Fountains of Wayne, The New Pornographers. Don't be alarmed by the name of that last band - I'm making up for it by promoting several virtue-based bands, too, such as The Good Works, and Choice and the Accountabilities. Honestly The New 'Nographers is one of my favorite bands, and if you click the little green play button fast you'll be able to share in the transcendent goodness. Some of you might remember the real-life equalizer t-shirt I gave to Ender for Christmas this last year. This shirt alone will make any concert diverting to attend with him. And as a bonus, I like him.

Also slated for the summer: TPing and skinnydipping for the first time but not at the same time, Harry Potter the five, possibly visiting home one more time before Fall starts, and spending obscene amounts of time with a certain tall, dark-haired boy.

Come happy dance with me.

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Thirdmango said...

Is he going to be in town for longer, cause I don't know if I can come to either movie night or bad movie night. Oh and there are 4 concerts this summer of which I'm going, none of which are those ones. But perhaps one of them I can get Spacemonster to like them and then you can come to. Ha Ha Ha.

Krebscout said...

oh yes oh yes. When he gets here on Wednesday, he'll be here for good.

Kismet Keeper said...

That is all so exciting!!!!! I think that if my summer hadn't turned out to be what it is now, I would be very jealous.

I'm so happy you're happy. =)