Tuesday, May 22, 2007

to Blathe: another microstory

The last thing I witnessed before walking home this evening was glorious. It was on the sidewalk under some street lamps - you know, the usual setting for glory - after a little pie and a lot of laughing. I had been tagging along after two of my dearest friends (I'd been calling myself a third wheel, so Yellow called us all together a tricycle, and that's how I thought of it - a tricycle of love. I know they love each other and I love both of them, and I'm pretty sure that they each have at least a deep and abiding toleration for me). One had just found a pair of crutches - a whole pair! - in the gutter (definitely topped my own gutter find of the evening - a measly tiki torch) and was taking them home to make use of them later. They were too short to be used properly, but too long to be carried easily, and so his walk ended up being some sort of assisted hip-swaying power walk. This caused his fiance to double over, both with irrepressible laughter and with an unrelated pain in her side.

I left them there on the sidewalk, him swaying his hips between his gutter crutches and her in so much discomfort that she couldn't help but giggle and shuffle behind him. I don't know why it struck me as some sort of token of true love, but it sure made my innards fuzzy.

(**Edit: I realize that this is probably the most convoluted post ever created. To clear things up - it's not Yellow that's engaged. It's Optimistic. and Genuine. Yellow was calling the three of us a tricycle to make fun of my third-wheel-hood with those two.)

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Thirdmango said...

Nope, sorry, that's the virus that I injected into you when you were preoccupied. Heh.

Krebscout said...

Curse you, Zooenstein!!!

Mr. Jimbles said...

So uh, when am I going to become famous?!? I'm panicking, you know.

And a merry ldzsu to you too!

Kismet Keeper said...


The end. I can't even exapand on it.

Except with this: I don't leave until the 30th...