Friday, April 6, 2007

Tip 47

Krebscout Survival Tip #47:

How to hold a spoon, courtesy of

1. Pick up the spoon with your dominant hand. This is the hand you use to write.
2. Hold it near the dome of the spoon between your thumb and the middle of your index finger.
3. Insert the spoon into the item of consumption (usually liquid or slippery).
4. Remove spoon horizontally so that the item does not fall from the spoon.
5. Lower to touch surface briefly again if item is liquid. This prevents drips. Alternatively, if the contents of the spoon may drip, wait a moment before raising the spoon to your mouth; this allows any drips to occur harmlessly back into the item of consumption.
6. Raise the spoon to your mouth and consume.
7. Leave the spoon clean after taking it from your mouth after consuming (only one movement, when the spoon is out it must be clean, do not leave the rest of the liquid in the spoon or take half the spoon only).

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