Sunday, April 1, 2007

The little things

And I quote,

Man, my shampoo smells so good I tasted it. It was okay. [that is not a lie]. (Elder M, this week's letter)

There is also a big black smudge over the caption, "Former bug." I like this kid.

Do you realize that I have had a visitor every weekend this month, bursting in and out of my life in brilliant, noisy flashes? The exception to that might be Schlumpy, who burst in and out of my life (and his own) in a timid, quiet flash. But on top of his brief cameo on the Krebscout show two weeks ago, I've had a March full of Skyrw, Dean & CJ, and just this weekend, K - the only boy I went on a date with freshman year that wasn't Elder M. Little known fact: Elder M and I were "broken up" for a period of about a week that year, and K snuck his way in and asked me to get hamburgers and see Polar Express with him. He's not my type at all - he's smooth and charming and quite sure of himself - and he won't admit it but I'm not his type either. Well he phoned me a week ago to say, "Hey, I'm back from the mish!" Phoned again this week to say, "Hey, I'll be in town for conference this weekend and I want to catch up!" So he ended up watching some conference at my place yesterday, played some (really quite impressive) music, his own and others', on the guitar. I get to wondering sometimes how I know so many exceptionally talented people. Anyway, through a silly series of events, he ended up asking me to dinner as well. The whole night was littered with not-so-subtle evidence that K is indeed a ladies' man: "This might be a little romantic, but...", or, after approaching the subject of Elder M, "You're not even available, so I guess I'm not going to try", and "I have to admit I'm a little jealous". The thing is that these make me laugh more than anything, because either he has no idea what I'm really like (we're wildly incompatible) or, much more likely, he says these things all the time and doesn't mean them. I used this same logic on him freshman year and he tried to argue, but it's just the truth.

That being said, and after it was made abundantly clear that I'm all Elder M's these days (which, I theorize, makes things more exciting for K, who is probably a fan of the safe [futile] chase), K is very easy to be around and to talk to. So we went and got Sushi as old freshman friends. No, I don't like fish, and yes, I am a total weenie. But somehow he got me to try everything that was in front of us, including crab, shrimp, raw tuna, and fish eggs. I didn't love any of it, but some of it wasn't as bad as I imagined. And as he said, "It won't kill you." I'm a big proponent of doing things that won't kill me.

Being around people from freshman year (K, Little Pete, and even Dean and CJ, since they visited me back then) makes me all nostalgic, mostly for Elder M. What am I going to call him when he gets back? RM M? The Elder formerly known as M? Muscles McBody? I'll figure something out.

Prior to the sushi last night, I went on a little walk by myself, to the park by way of those bushes I like a lot, grinned at some kids saying something about a rocketship and tried four different water fountains that didn't work. Found my way to Genuine's apartment to visit M-Lite, as I hadn't seen her since her surgery. Well she wasn't there but Genuine and I had some good visiting time anyway. And by visiting time I mean I sat and laughed until it hurt while she told me stories about every big thing and every little thing as if it were a big thing. Sometimes I'm scared that girl is going to realize how rad she is and is going to leave me behind. I hope you could see, Genuine, the admiration and adoration in my eyes. I want a pact that we'll be friends forever, you know. In writing. With blood.

There have been a few annoying things, little day-to-day defeats, lately. I will list them now to make myself feel better, but I will also couple them with good things that have been happening, so as to appear less whiny:

- My keys have been missing for over a week; I've been getting a lot of compliments on my hair lately.
- My computer is flirting with death (thus I didn't post a Tip yesterday, but it's okay because I doubled up on 37 & 38, and besides, it's annoying when people post on their blog every day, so now I didn't); K bought a print from me for $1.22 (I was charging him as much as it would take me to do a load of laundry, but I gave him a discount 'cause he bought me dinner).
- I have a Linguistics test this week; I got a free t-shirt that I like a whole lot.
- I have consumed X amount of Cadbury mini-eggs this week; I bought Old Spice for myself and it was literally the best decision ever made. I love to smell myself.
- It's really starting to hit the fan, academically speaking; I'm figuring some things out.

And finally, to wrap things up in a satisfying and conclusive manner, I give you Krebscout Survival Tip #42: Don't post on your blog every day. It's annoying.

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ahem. said...

How about the M formerly known as Elder?

Anonymous said...

The band is on hiatus, but you COULD call him "Wonder Squirrel M."

-Little Pete