Wednesday, January 17, 2007

But he's gorgeous.

I just heard a very sad conversation.

From her words, you might picture her as perhaps a valley girl type, but she's more of an underground valley girl, going to boho clubs and always saying something very arsty and very peppy. These are her words, no exaggeration:

"I like bad boys", "He accidentally got me drunk, but I love him", "Yeah, he knows I'm LDS, but I don't think he is - he said he didn't want to talk about religion", "He treats me like a lady", "It wasn't disrespectful - I was playing along", "Most guys walk away from me", "You probably don't like that kind of boy, but I do", "It's really hard for converts to find ... ("Are you a convert?") No. But I love everyone for who they really are, that's why my friends like me", "I told him I was mad at him. But then I told him I love him", and the best argument of all, "But he's gorgeous!"

There was a third girl in the room, and I'm grateful there was. She spoke her thoughts firmly but gently, in self-described "Returned Missionary words". I had to leave the room and pretend I wanted a candy bar, I wanted so badly to yell at her, to tell her to stop choosing to be an idiot. To get over her self-esteem issues and watch out for herself. It's clear that she can see that it's stupid, and she's groping for justification. Don't do this to yourself.

This girl, this accepting, peacemaking, open-minded girl has just moved into my ward. I know a slew of very decent, nay, downright good men. I'm not sure how to put the two together, but I want to do something. I want to be her friend. I want her to treat herself like a lady.

This really makes me sad.

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krebscout said...

Dear luck0037,

I do bite my thumb at you sir.

Flops said...

you do what you can