Sunday, January 14, 2007

Things that I like

As I was telling Genuine the other day, here is a list of three things I just discovered that I find extremely attractive:

- A large vocabulary. Perhaps large is not the word. Ridiculous, maybe? Words I like to hear come out of a man's mouth include, "terrific", "semipenultimate", and "iced cream". I'm also partial to old prospector's proverbs and metaphors.
- Cartoonishly expressive eyebrows.
- Long goofy legs on a man who knows how to use them, a la Danny Kaye or John "The Minister of Silly Walks" Cleese. And if a good pair of gams is matched with an equally goofy dancing style, that is double plus good.

Speaking of things that I like, I never thought I'd say this, but

I love change.

I love the way it makes the world fresh, how it stretches you out, how it makes you feel the same way you do when you've just eaten a really good restaurant sandwich that has all those crazy toppings you'd never have put on your home-made sandwiches but you really loved it anyway.

Happy Sabbath, friends.

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ahem. said...

"Good Sabbath, Reb Tevye"

Whistler said...

Oh man. Large vocabularies are so sexy.

Genuine Draft said...

I'd love to tape and host office on Thursday, but I must say that I was offended by both you and Nike. What do you people have against Gertrude and Eunice?! Picking Fletcher as a middle name did kind of make up for it though.