Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm the mom of a one-year-old again.

Corryn got two parties. We just spent a soul-salving nine days in Colorado*, and while there we threw her a little party with my parents. We visited the Swetsville Zoo** and then went home to have ribs***, cake, and some presents. Corryn also had a party yesterday, on her birthday proper. She enjoyed friends and all the things one is allowed to have after their first birthday - some pizza, some milk, and some "Rinny Pie"****. She got more toys last night, and although she likes them a lot, her brother tends to hog them and not share. We also gave her a Spongebob blanket that reads, "Today is the best day ever!" because really, when you meet Corryn you realize that's how she feels all the time.

I have photographs of both events, but my iPhoto hasn't been working all day.

In other news, Elliot's getting much better at going potty. He tells me every time he needs to go now, but he whispers it very softly with a slight grin. Like he's telling me but he doesn't really want me to hear. Very few accidents lately. His drawing skills are improving, too.

In other other news, Wii Fit told me this morning that I've lost 12.1 pounds in the past 62 days. I'm trying to decide how much of that was hair weight. My hair wasn't that long before I chopped it, but it's dense as Hades.***** I don't feel like I've lost that much, my clothes still don't fit right, and I certainly don't feel as small as I was before I got pregnant with Corryn, which is what the chart tells me is so. I fell off the exercise wagon during the last two weeks of the illustration job (I had to choose between exercise or work on those days, and I had to get the work done) and also during our Colorado trip (I went running once, but the elevation change just about killed me). I got back on as soon as we got home though, and I really do love the feeling of sore muscles.

Also, Andy's real sick right now (he saw the doctor today. Doc says it's a viral ulcer in his throat). He fell asleep for the night at six thirty and he can hardly eat a thing. So, you know. Be extra nice to him. He's my favorite.

*Which was preceded by a life-saving month of having my sister-in-law live with us and help watch the kids so I could finish my illustration job, which I did, and Becky deserves a million Panera sandwiches for it. Also did I mention that we have an adorable new niece? Because we do.
**A childhood staple that is, sadly, about to get the axe. Elliot REALLY enjoyed it.
***The girl REALLY loves meat.
****A ridiculously sweet dessert I made up because the three disparate ingredients appealed to me at the time. So called after one of her nicknames, short for "Corryny-pie."
*****That's a phrase now.
******A Blog Post About Stuff

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Keri said...

Happy birthday Corryn!!!!

Sarah said...

How fun. Happy birthday sweet Corryn. You are so cool, Summer.