Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you to all that has ever existed, and everything else I could never have listed...

Thanks, friends, for helping me out with my new arty blog. There are people I didn't even know read my blog who signed up. So thanks.

The year went out with a cough. Lots of coughing, really. Both the kids got croup and went on one doctor and one emergency room visit each. I got sick, too, but it was just a mild lingering cold for me. Everyone is better now.

Andy bought me Kirby's Epic Yarn for our anniversary (he got me Mario Brothers Wii last year. We dig the side-scrolling two-player co-op games, looks like. It's good bonding time). We play a few levels after the kids go to bed, and we just beat it last night. We've also been playing Canasta together, which we fell in love with in Washington and then got our own set for Christmas. And then we've been watching a lot of Twilight Zone. Andy has to do a project on a pre-1990's American television series, and TZ is a top candidate. Which I heartily approve.

This is the first time in a long time that I don't have any Fine Doodles orders queued up, which is a relief, but I am talking to a new potential client about another wedding project. Those are fun. I also have an illustration project coming up, the preparations of which should be finalizing this week.

I'm also looking forward to some good family visits: my mother and all of my sisters (and hopefully some sisters-in-law can make it too) are coming to visit next month, and the month after that Andy's family is coming back for Spring Break. It's nice to have loving family who don't let us feel too cut off down here in our little Los Angeles world.

Also, Corryn has rolled completely over (once) and Elliot went to the dentist, and very haphazardly used the potty for the first time. Hated the dentist. Kept saying, "All done. All done," during the cleaning. I'm going to have to move Corryn out of our bedroom soon, as she's becoming a lighter sleeper and we wake her up too easily. To the bathroom it is.

Also, I love church.

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Krista said...

Canasta! A fun game, even though it sounds like an old lady game. I'm glad you guys like it, too.

Sarah said...

Miss you!