Sunday, January 23, 2011

A far-too-long post about my kids...with obligatory photos

There are changes going on in this house.

First, Corryn is growing like a weed. She seemed to have outgrown all of her old clothes overnight. She also stopped sleeping like a star, presumably so that she could consume the calories needed to maintain her growthsplosion. The skinny little chicken legs of birth are no more - she now has big, chunky, chubby, baby thighs. She's much grabbier, too, especially with food. She's old enough to have solid food now, though I may hold off until she can sit up a little better. She will inherit Elliot's high chair.

And Elliot will move to the table. I thought about getting a booster seat, but he's tall and I'm cheap, and he eats his snacks at the table just fine. I picked up a few unbreakable plates for this purpose. I'm also going to try to get rid of his ratty old sippy cups and move him on to normal cups and a water bottle. We did buy a potty chair and stool. We're not pushing too hard for potty training, but we ask him multiple times a day if he'd like to use it and he's usually enthusiastic. Even initiated a potty trip himself few times, though nothing comes out when he does. It's probably because he gets a little toddler fruit snack for every successful trip.

I wanted to move Elliot out of the crib this week, but he also decided not to sleep through the night anymore. Probably teeth, maybe nightmares. This past week has been heck on our sleep. Anyway, I'm going to put the baby gate up between his room and the little hall where his closet, his bathroom, and the door are. I don't feel safe just yet without it, because he can open all the doors in the house, and ours are not the kind of doorknobs on which any kind of guard fits.

I want him to be fully transitioned to the toddler bed before Corryn moves into his room, which I'd like to happen in two months - Corryn will be six months old and Elliot will be two. I'm still toying with the idea of putting her in the bathroom, but I've been talking to other young parents about how they handled room-sharing (with children even closer in age than ours), and they said they wished they'd roomed theirs together sooner.

Elliot's going through his super-picky-won't-eat-anything-toddler stage. About all he asks for is cheese and those freeze-dried strawberries that come in Special K. And "milt." His speech is still soaring, and he's putting together little sentences that surprise me all the time. He's using plurals and past tense, even if they're wrong half the time: "Uh-oh, Elliot falled!" and "Two Batmans!" (though that one, arguably, may be correct).

And, biggest news of all...

I cut Elliot's hair.

Heartbreaking, I know. It's not perfect (I was working quickly), but he's still a dang handsome kid. It was just getting tangly-long, and he wasn't much for brushing.

So, I know you're all surprised by this, but it looks like kids grow up sometimes.

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Shanna Selin said...

Oh my! Your kids are so cute!

Shanna Selin said...

Oh yeah! And I love those freeze dried strawberries too. So does Calvin. I'm trying to find somewhere where I can buy them in bulk. Maybe on of those food storage companies or something.

Amanda Cluff said...

I too have lost that great sleeping baby, now she wants to get up every 1 1/2-2 hours and not really eat but just hang out. Your babes are adorable.

ashley. said...

Summer, that boy-child of yours is your very spitting image. They're both gorgeous.

Grandma said...

Pictures of the haircut?

Erin said...

They are SO SO cute, Summer! And you are too, even though there are no photos here to prove it.