Sunday, November 7, 2010

What are you talking about, Willis?

What have I signed up for? I've got my fingers in three money-making pies right now (one is Fine Doodles, one is being an evaluator for Covenant Communications, and one is illustration, which isn't actually making money right now, but it will some day. So much money). And, oh yeah, I'm also a full-time mother. What? Is my apartment clean and orderly? Cleaner and more orderly than my past apartments have ever been, sure, but that's not saying much. Andy and I never get to see each other except during...Sacrament meeting. That's not quite true. We try to go on family dates every weekend. This week we went to a puppet show and pizza party hosted in our complex (Elliot loves pizza. He sings about it. And he loved the puppets. So much so that rather than sit and watch them, he goes up to the stage and tries to touch them). Last week was Halloween, plus we all accompanied Andy to Hollywood. He needed to go to a library there for a project, and we thought we'd swing by the touristy spots while we were there. It mostly consisted of people trying to sell us celebrity tours and caricatures. And the week before that, we went to the temple, followed by a trip to a diner for a giant brownie with ice cream to share. The LA Temple just built a new visitors' center, and Elliot was ecstatic about the Jesus statue there. He wanted to give it hugs, and refused to leave the room.

And on top of this...Christmas. What? Not only do I have to worry about presents for my kin (which I was hoping to hand-make, so as not to spend any money), but the Fine Doodles rush has just started to rear its blessed, ugly head.

In the words of Guybrush Threepwood, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

(p.s. miss you Andy!)

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Grandma said...

Do you need a grandma to come help out? Wink, wink.

Lindsay Koelling said...

I am sad and excited for you. I am sad you never see your husband but so excited that your finedoodles is keeping you busy. When you have time please update your site with all the newest and greatest paintings you make. I LOVE THEM!