Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We painted pumpkins. Elliot's was Abstract Expressionist, as is his tradition. Mine had a robot and Andy's was a belly. This is because robots and bellies are two of Elliot's favorite things for us to draw for him. And, yes, robots with bellies.
Corryn painted one, too, but it took both of us to help her out, so we don't have pictures of the process.
Here is Corryn's pumpkin. It has a pink handprint. She is Batgirl.

She didn't really care though. Her outfit is one of Elliot's small onesies and her cape is a bib.
Love those eyebrows.
Clearly the hat didn't fit very well. It was one of Andy's old socks with bat ears and a pink bow attached. My goal was to spend no money on costumes this year, okay?
Elliot trying to show off his pumpkin.
He was very proud of it, and liked to call it a ball and throw it. My little pumpkin-smasher.
That face is exertion. He's trying to lift something up the stairs. Sweet lens flare.
That face is cute. 
He's a dinosaur, in case you couldn't tell. I made the costume all in about one evening, and for some reason I put the tail way, way off center.
Trunk-or-treating. Or, if you're Elliot, it's just plain, "Tweat?"
Corryn is in this picture, I swear. She's sleeping in the wrap that I'm wearing. In case you can't tell - and most people couldn't - Andy is this guy and I'm this guy. I did end up spending a few dollars to get my face paint, but that's it. Pretty good for somebody with a long history of elaborate, time-consuming, uncomfortable, and totally awesome Halloween costumes.

I love this holiday.

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Laurie said...

I saw your face and totally accidentally saw the White Hand of Saruman, like the head Orc on The Fellowship. Except then it was a red handprint. Yes. Not Saruman. Wilson. Got it.

Lindsay Koelling said...

Hilarious! Oh my gosh. I love Elliots hair! Gorgeous locks.

Holly K said...

I totally watched the Pete & Pete episode Halloweenie last week. Please don't let the pumpkin smashing continue.

Shelly said...

Your halloween costumes are the best! And your kids are the cutest!

Sarah said...

Love it. Wow. What a cute baby too. Glad you got a wrap. Sooooo helpful.