Saturday, July 24, 2010

A catalogue of Elliot's sound effects

If you say, "Elliot, what does a _____ say?", this is how he will respond:

monkey: "ah ah!"
lion/tiger/dinosaur: these all get the same whispered, gravelly "roar"
bear: "grrrr"
bubble: "pop!" or "bop!" or "op!"
bird: this is usually an inconsistet, high-pitched noise, though he uses "caw caw" pretty often
duck: "cak cak"
turtle: a chewing/smacking motion
airplane/car/anything that might have an engine: these all get the same "vvvmmmmm" type sound

He's also been asking about letters lately. Sure he's only 16 months old, but what the heck, we bought him some alphabet flashcards anyway, and he seems excited about them. Except "w." Too many syllables. He's also recognizing a few shapes lately, namely star, moon, and sometimes circle.

Yeah my baby's awesome.

Edit: He also knows what a cow says, and he thinks an octopus also says, "roar!"

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Lindsay Koelling said...

I want to live in Elliot's world. I would be awesome if octopus' roared.

Laurie said...

My brother told me when I was like 13 that the sound a turtle made was, "puh-KWAH!"

And I believed him for about 12 seconds.