Monday, May 31, 2010

Oldie but goodie

Elliot's going on 15 months pretty soon, and I swear that sometimes he gets older overnight. Suddenly he's a different, more capable kid. He usually takes just one nap a day - two if his schedule goes wonky. He's walking all over the place now (about 80% of the time - he stills crawls when he's not sure of his footing, or if he's tired) and his vocabulary has exploded in the past week, picking up a couple of new words every day. He says about two dozen things with decent consistency and varying levels of clarity. His most common word right now is "bup" (his version of "up", and it also doubles as "down" for the moment), which he says when he's ready to get out of his high chair and/or be picked up. He also babbles in longer, more complicated sentences these days, talking on the phone and trying to contribute to dinner conversation. He's making all the sounds that his hearing loss is supposed to give him trouble with (f, s, t, p, th, sh), and sometimes when he's playing with sounds he'll swear. Repeatedly.

As for Little Girl, I'm in the third trimester now. My body is gradually getting less and less comfortable in almost all positions. She wiggles all the time. Here's to hoping I don't have to get another c-section. My next midwife appointment is tomorrow, and they make me feel much more confident about my VBAC plans.

Lastly, my Elliot shows empathy, and he tries to comfort me when he can tell I'm having a hard time. I have such a special little boy.

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