Friday, April 30, 2010

Attn: Arty Friends - Anyone want to trade?

It's recently come to my attention that it can be tacky to decorate one's home with one's own artwork. Am I going to do it anyway? Totally. Mostly because I'm cheap, and I know exactly what I want. However, I'd also like something fresh, something not done in my style.

Do any of you with a penchant for creativity want to trade? Even if you don't think you're artistic, you really probably are. And I adore the look of an untrained hand. I'm looking for paintings/multimedia, large-scale (20 x 30 or larger, probably), and quirky. Like Michael Sowa or Brian Kershisnik quirky. Amazing artists, yes, but with distinctive and often funny style. Or a bull. I would love a portrait of a bull. I want my walls to make me smile.

(If you don't think the paintings in the above links are funny/awesome/skillful, then don't worry about it. This post is not for you.)

This wouldn't have to be soon - maybe over the course of the summer we could work on them...and of course, in exchange, I'd make something for you. Not really sure what my style is right now - Fine Doodles has pretty much overrun my creative mind. But I guess I never was sure what my style was, thus I left the BFA in the first place. Anyway. You could make requests.

Anyone interested?

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ashley said...

um i would trade you photographs. of your children. if you like them. the photographs. not your children.

Whistler said...

it's times like this I really wish I could paint

MichelleAlison said...

I could paint you a bull if you let me use your art supplies. Bulls are awesome. I can appreciate a bull on your wall.
If you didn't think my pajamas last night were awesome/funny, then disregard this comment.