Saturday, March 6, 2010

So say we all

We had our first ultrasound yesterday. Our first two, actually, for one reason or another. Anyway, we were pretty darn close with our predicted due date, but there was some discrepancy because the baby is pretty big for its age. So the baby will come "sometime between August 31st and September 4th," according to one doctor. They recorded the ultrasound on DVD for us to take home, and Andy wanted to put it exclusively on his blog. Here it is, set to one of my favorite songs. You can see him or her wiggling like crazy, hiccuping, and punching himself in the eye. It makes me feel all something inside. A very good something.

There was talk of my plan for VBAC, and my current OBGYN office doesn't perform them by policy. I didn't let them know that I'm not going to be in Washington when the baby comes. But even so, the doctor informed me that my body may just not be a good candidate, so I will likely have cesareans for the rest of our children. Which may limit the number of children we can have. This is sitting a little heavy. I've got big plans for a loud happy house with children stuffed into every corner. But who knows? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, and I'll love the babies I've got in the meantime.

Andy has heard back from seven out of twelve schools, and been accepted to five. Looks like the top choices right now are USC, UCLA (both in California, both top-notch film schools, and both morbidly expensive), and U of U (pretty good school, fantastic fellowship offer).

Elliot's birthday is on Friday, and between two generous sets of grandparents he's getting lavished with presents. He's so big and strong and old. His vocabulary of sounds is ever-expanding (he's been making "shhh" noises lately), and he laughs spontaneously. And loudly. We brush his teeth (four now) every night, which he thinks is lots of fun. He climbs up the stairs by himself. When he wakes up from his naps he sits up in his crib and dangles his legs off the side while he waits for me to get him. He has possibly said, "hello" and "mommy," but I'm not sure. He smiles at every possible chance.

I love my family.

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Genuine Draft said...

A friend of mine had a twin VBAC, so don't get too discouraged. Congrats on all the grad schools.

verification: rolyally= a roly-poly ally OR a fat monarch

Shanna Selin said...

My doctor said one lady had 10 c-sections. I know of someone who had 6 and another who had 4. So maybe you can still have quite a few kids even if you have to have c-sections!

Lindsay said...

these comments are encouraging. I had a c-section too, but we want a houseful. :) I love your honesty. Eliot is a cutie. I love the pictures!