Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elliot's Birthday: A Retrospective

The first thing we did on Elliot's birthday was take him to the doctor for his 12 month check-up and to give him some shots. The second thing we did was take him to Kid's Quest Children's Museum. He loves him some water exhibits.

Andy and Elliot at the Children's Museum. They had instruments to play and water toys and a puppet show and physics displays and a GIANT light-bright!

We had to go swimming later than originally planned, but Elliot was so happy to get in the pool he started giggling when he saw it. The boy is a fish.

Because we went swimming late, he was asleep for the night by the time we got home. So cake and presents waited until the next day. This is the messy, messy cake I made for him, since he loves his sock monkey so much. President Cheeks is his name.

The gruesome fate of a monkey cake.

Trying to blow out a candle together. We took off Elliot's clothes and hearing aids, for obvious reasons.

A little timid at first.

Opening up to the idea.

Baby's first five-o'clock shadow.

Andy calls this Elliot's "Black Panther Picture."

Spewin' cake. Not really - it's more on its way in than out.

Contemplating the Happy Birthday balloon. Amid chocolate squalor.

After a bath and opening presents. In new robot jammies and playing with some new toys.

Wrapping up the night with a little Rock Band.

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Optimistic. said...

Robot jammies?


I am so jealous.

Laurie said...

Monkey cake?


I am also so jealous.