Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Bob Shea,

A few months ago I mentioned the book Dinosaur vs. Bedtime in a post. The author, Bob Shea, must have a Google alert set up for the title or something, because he made a comment on that post. His own blog (which he runs with Lane Smith. Lane Smith!) doesn't allow comments, so this is my way of writing back.

Hey Bob! My one-year-old giggles every time he sees the cover of your book, he likes it so much.

If you have any tips on how to break in to the illustrating world that you'd like to share with a girl who's wanted to do this all her life, please let me know. I'd do a heck of a job.


(P.S. You've never published anything on a little website called McSweeney's, have you? Something about unicorns?)

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Bob said...


Yes, the unicorn business is mine.

I will email about the other things.