Thursday, January 7, 2010

An update on our lives. Mostly Elliot.

Elliot played in the snow for the first time.

He loved it.


The grocery-bag boots were the best part. Derelict is in these days.

He also played baby Jesus in the family nativity. He's totally dressed for the part (10 o'clock, sitting in a lap, if you don't see him).

Opening some of his fabulous Christmas toys, including a set of wooden blocks that I've been dying for him to get. So I can play with them.

This is him trying to get water out of a glass.

He knows he can reach down into his canister of snacks and get some out.

So why not water, right?

Darn slippery water.

He had a fun vacation.

He learned to wave sometimes (and I think he tries to say "Hi," but it comes out as more of a "Hhhhaaaaa!" with a general arm movement), and he can actually make some sound when he claps now. He dances when you put music on. He added the "p" sound to his repertoire, so he now says "pabapaba" instead of just plain "babababa." I'm pretty sure he roars back at you when you read him Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, too.

He's so close to being able to walk. He's walking with one-handed assistance. He's still not crawling in the traditional sense; I don't think he ever will. He's mobile in his own wiggly way, though - he knows how to get to what he wants. He's also apparently graduated to only one nap a day, which seems early, but at least it's a nice long nap. For health reasons, we're starting the weaning process. That's been interesting, as he loathes formula. He only loathes one other food, and that is chicken-flavored baby food, which he barfed EVERYWHERE over vacation.

We are officially moving. We had several people over to look at our apartment this morning, and two of them submitted rental applications. We'll be gone sometime in the second half of this month. So if you've borrowed any movies or books or anything from us, we'll be sending the collection agency out. Or, you know, we'll just hope that you'll return it, because we don't remember.

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Lindsay said...

Elliot is adorable...I love the "mostly" picture about the snow. Are you staying in Provo or are you off to somewhere else?

Bob said...

>>>I'm pretty sure he roars back at you when you read him Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, too.<<<<

He's clear a genius. An adorable genius.

Just because i wrote Dino v. Bedtime has nothing to do with it. I can just tell.

Bakes. said...

so cute! the grocery bag boots are my favorite. where are ya'll moving???

Emily said...

Oh! He is getting so big.

Also, you look great.

Where are you guys moving?

Cari Dahl said...

The best of us don't really crawl before we walk. Even though he just crawled, I GUESS I'll let him join my club of one.