Thursday, January 28, 2010

How time can move both fast and slow...

We've been in Washington for a week. It feels nice to live in a real house again, and Andy's family has been so generous to us. Not to mention the outpouring of love and help we received as we were getting ready to leave. Man you people are nice.

These are the obligatory pictures we took all packed up in the car before our three-day road trip.

We were towing a trailer. With our tiny car.

I love my husband. He drove pretty much the whole time.

Elliot has two teeth now! His two front teeth, in fact. I have yet to catch them on camera, but there's a huge gap between them, it's adorable. He'll grow out of it as his other teeth come in. He looks so much older with teeth.

Andy got three well-paying tutoring gigs, and he just got contacted by the Apple Retail store about a job there. He's applied/will apply to a few other places, but things are looking up, money-wise.

I have such handsome men in my life.

Daddy teaches baby to play Rock Band.

Baby rocks at Rock Band, and totally knows what a drumstick is for.

Told you guys he was going to be the drummer in our family rock band.

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Lindsay said...

I LOVE the picture of Elliot playing Rock Band. I'm a huge fan. Good luck in Washington!