Monday, November 16, 2009

Two things I want you to know

First: Andy and I met six years ago exactly. I think.

Second: Why is the Snuggie such a big deal right now when the Slanket has been around for so long? My mom has had a herd of Slankets in the basement for years.

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Lisa Michelle said...

Two things:
(1) I heard the Slanket is better quality, so you got the better deal.
(2) I just had a dream that I went to Ann Taylor, which used to be a fabric store, but was now a book store (in real life, neither). But anyway, I walked in and you were in the middle of book signing. I think your doodle illustrations had been made into a book. Just a thought. :)

Katie said...

I think all the Snuggie parodies, like the WTF Blanket have made the Snuggie much more popular, but maybe that's just me.