Sunday, November 1, 2009


As evidenced by me spending way too much time paper mache-ing these helmets, I was in love with our family's costumes this year:

Andy and Elliot sporting their astronaut gear. Too bad their oxygen is leaking out of their ungloved hands and Elliot's astro-highwaters. Note Andy rocking those indie glasses behind an internally-lit, very foggy facemask.

A close-up of my space-cutie.

His jetpack from the side.

Andy experimenting with low gravity. In our back yard.

Detail shot of any good astronaut's true life support system.

Me. HAL 9000. With jazz hands, of course.

Detail shot. Yes, I can see through the little screen, and HAL's eye really lights up.

A shot of the three of us at the ward party.

Elliot dancing with a Christmas tree.

As crazy fun as this Halloween was, and as patient as Andy and Elliot were with wearing their ridiculous and cumbersome helmets, I've learned my lesson: I will only make soft, wearable costumes from now on.

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Lindsay said...

Everyone looks great! And I love the tube connecting the Tang. Brilliant.

L'homme Masqued said...

You guys are the most clever folks around. I'm serious.