Monday, August 24, 2009


We've spent the last ten days in Seattle visiting Andy's family, and what an amazing trip it's been. We did something fun every single day and we tried a lot of new things. Here's a summary, and a small sampling of the 590 photos we took:
Elliot touches/eats flowers for the first time. It's also our first trip to a farmers' market. We bought jam.
E's first trip to the zoo. Also his first time making that face.
First and last time touching a goat.
He got to see monkeys, elephants, jaguars, bears, snakes, tapirs, and a family of midgets at the zoo.
And snow leopards.
His first boat ride.
It was a super nice boat, too.
We also went to the Seattle Science Center where we watched the new Harry Potter on an IMAX screen. For seven bucks! We ALSO touched a meteorite. A REAL ONE. From SPACE. Saw dinosaur bones, pet some gushy sea creatures, saw naked mole rats, and found out that my reaction time is faster than Andy's.
We also had a campfire in the backyard and made hotdogs and smores. Elliot has tasted a lot of new foods this trip.
Elliot's first time sweeping the Olympics.
We went to Marymoor park and watched Goonies on a huge screen with a bunch of people. Elliot slept through most of it, and we got free pizza.
We canoed around the shore of Lake Washington near the University of Washington, which we also visited when Andy had an appointment to find out about their master's program.
We went to Pike's Market and bought cinnamon bread and watched some crazy talented street musicians.
Elliot founded his first oyster restaurant.
We ate lunch at Microsoft a couple of times. We also went to a delicious pho place in Seattle. And saw Bill Gates' house. I proved that I rock at Mario Kart.
And we bought a few things - shoes, a robot onesie for Elliot, some tape to keep his hearing aids from flopping around. And we saw THE FLAMING LIPS LIVE IN CONCERT AND IT WAS AWESOME.
Elliot is more or less sitting up by himself now, and he's taking steps while you help him stand. Still not rolling - he hates tummy time so. He will walk before he crawls, I swear it.
Don't I have cool in-laws?

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Lindsay said...

Wow! It looks like you hit everything quality about Seattle. Eliot is too cute-great pictures!

Lisa Michelle said...

So fun! The picture of the bright sun and the sail boats is amazing. And, not gonna lie, I thought Elliot would have founded his first oyster restaurant last month. A little behind schedule in his development, I suppose. Oh well. I guess I'll let it slide because he's just about the cutest thing ever.

bekki said...

My favorite is Elliot with the medals. :) Did you Weibe?

Lisa Myers said...


Shelly said...

Summer, I love pho. A lot.