Thursday, August 27, 2009

A public apology concerning the guitar

Dear everyone who entered the contest for the guitar:

I am a jerk.

While I was in the process of giving it away, Andy said, "Why give it away? We could sell that sucker." I said, "Yeah right." He said, "Let me try. Can I put it on eBay?" and I said, "Sure, go ahead and try. You can sell it if it goes for $200." and he said, "Okay," and then it sold for $225.

...totally unexpected.

I am so sorry. Please don't sue me for throwing a scammy contest. I got some pretty awesome entries, and I feel like I owe you all something in return. I'll figure that out soon enough. But uh...I'm sorry.

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Bakes. said...

that's is amazing. i say don't apologize, just take the money and run.

Kiley said...

Seriously. That is amazing. $225 for your art. I would have sold it. And then I would paint more and sell them.

Grandma said...

Just don't give them your first-born son.

Laurie said...


I don't grudge you your $225. Not even one little iota.