Thursday, May 7, 2009

sleepy blog post time

I've had an insatiable desire to go surfing for about a week. Have I ever been surfing? No. Will I be any good at it? Most certainly not. But will I try anyway? Maybe some day when we have money, a surfboard, and an ocean.

Also it's my birfday. Woooo exclamation point.

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ashley. said...

happy birthday, baby!

i am super-proud of you and can't believe we've known each other for six dang years.

love you bunches. miss your face.

Fredjikrang said...

Happy birthday!

Genuine Draft said...

Happy birthday you. As a gift I may have to return your guitar and slide whistle.

Lisa Michelle said...

I think you should definitely try surfing. I'm afraid my skills tapped out at boogey boarding, but then again, I'm afraid of the ocean, so I think that limits my enthusiasm. Have a great birthday!