Monday, February 9, 2009

More baby talk

So some good friends and a little family combined forces to throw us the baby shower of a lifetime. It wasn't your traditional "shower" (I think the oldest person there was 28, there were males aplenty, and the most matronly person there, I guess). Old Aunt Eunice would have felt out of place among all the Shirley Temples, chocolate cigars, and cut-throat rounds of Texas Hold 'Em.

It was nice to have a last hoorah with friends before my schedule gets a little more feeding-napping-diapering-centric. Also, it's always nice to get fantastic presents.

In other news, I had my first big scary painful contraction! Up to this point in my life, a contraction had been a joining of two words with the use of an apostraphe, such as "don't" and "let's." I've now learned a few new ones: "wh'ouch" and "cr'ugh." It happened while I was all alone at Target, and I've had little baby practice contractions before, but they haven't felt like this and I wasn't sure what was going on. Yes, it hurt, but I can totally do this.

So in another week, I'll be "full term" (37-40 weeks is full term). Probably still got a good three or four weeks, but it's coming.

In other news, our ward boundaries changed and we're now in the same ward as Claudio & Family and a couple from my hometown that were high school friends with my brother. I feel really good about this new ward. And their dessert nights.

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