Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here they are, highlights from the list of Really Tactless Things People Say at My Work. Because it amazes me what people are comfortable saying sometimes:

- (To me) "You don't look pregnant. Did you miscarry?"

- (To my co-worker, who was at least 5 months pregnant at the time) "Are you expecting? I thought you were just getting chubbier."

- (To me, about the above co-worker, who is my friend) "I get bad vibes from her. I couldn't treat anyone like that - that's below me. I'm a sensitive soul. Does she treat you okay? Are you all right?"

- (To me, very intensely) "So tell me who you're voting for, and why."

- (To me, after demanding immediate service on a very busy day) "Don't go to lunch, then."

- (To me, over the phone from a woman I'd never met) "I couldn't make it to our appointment - my daughter had an abortion this morning and they had to strip her uterus."

- (To me, concerning some photoshopping I was doing to her portrait) "Just don't make me darker; don't make me negroid."

There's more. So much more. There are tactless actions, like never (truly, not once) keeping an appointment with us and instead showing up in the next day or two unannounced as if it were the same thing. Or things that are just odd to say and impossible to respond to, like "You're going to be translated" or, coming from a very, very old man, "...if I'm still alive tomorrow." And then there is, of course, the genuinely insane lady who thinks that my boss, the company owner, the receptionist, the Church, BYU, the Statue of Liberty, the Declaration of Independence, and Cricket Wireless are all conspiring to keep the housing market down.

I love my job.

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Bakes. said...

this is the most beautiful compilation of tactless comments i have ever read, and will ever read, in my entire life. i also love your job.