Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To supplement the last post

So my pregnant coworker (there are actually four pregnant ladies in my office right now, and two of us are the graphic designers. So if I ever mention "my pregnant coworker", she's the one I mean) already has two young boys, so her car is filled with car seats, toys, snacks and the like. One day a while back, she went to the Subway drive-through for her lunch break and she was munching on some of her son's cookies while she was waiting. As Coworker was holding one in preparation to put it in her mouth, the woman at the drive-through window started chatting with her about how those were the best kind of cookies, they're her favorites, they look so good, she just might have to go on her lunchbreak right now and get some.

Coworker jokingly asked if the lady wanted the one in her hand. The lady said yes. A little surprised, Coworker gave her the cookie, and the drive-through lady ate it right there.


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crittersherwood said...

Subway does drive-through?! Life just keeps getting better. Now I have to get a car...