Friday, May 2, 2008

Two (too?) Good Choices

For anyone who might possibly read this blog, I need your advice.

I'm basically looking at two jobs. I could be wrong on this, as I thought I was a shoo-in for a particular BYU job and was shut down. BYU has been nothing but cold to me. But I feel really good about these two. The first is a graphic design position for a major real estate company (by major, I mean I recognize their name). The second is a job helping/mentoring/watching over troubled teens at this fantastic place in Orem. Allow me to list the pros and cons of each—

Job #1 Cons: in Orem, therefore would eat a lot of gas; regular 9-5 M-F hours, which leaves room for little else but making dinner, eating dinner, and falling asleep to a movie; I would be putting photos of houses in their catalog and that's it, which could get a little tedious; potential for boredom/dissatisfaction

Job #2 Cons: in Orem, therefore would eat a lot of gas; ridiculous hours, which would have me working alternating Sunday shifts, Saturday mornings, Thursday and Friday 3 pm-11 pm, and every other Wednesday (a.k.a. I wouldn't get to see Andy very much on Thursdays and every other Wednesday); unknown usefulness for possible future employment; maybe pays a little less

Job #1 Pros: regular 9-5 hours, which would better match Andy's 8-6 school/work schedule; maybe pays a little more; would look really good on a potential future resume; good benefits; a wise, solid choice

Job #2 Pros: high job satisfaction/doing something that contributes to other peoples' lives; Mondays and Tuesdays and every other Wednesday to do whatever I want (i.e. write, paint, keep house) that I would never squeeze into my life with a 9-5 job; free cafeteria access during shifts; even better benefits; it makes me giddy to think about working such an amazing job

So, my friend(s), what do you think?

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Thirdmango said...

Sending you an email!

LJ said...

Why would you give up giddiness for stability?

Oh, um, wait. That's what I did.

My vote is for Job #2.