Monday, April 28, 2008

"What in my domain is going on?" -The Devil

After four months sober, I'm back on the blog. A few big things have happened since my last real update—namely getting married and graduating from college—and boy do I have stories to tell. But not here.

Since we never really shared any photos of the wedding, allow me to show one now. The photo to the left is one of my favorites. Note the hint of a finger in the upper right corner, the wonky exposure, and a sliver of the next photo on the bottom. In some ways, I prefer the disposable camera pictures from our reception to the professional's. They somehow make the whole thing feel like an early 90's prom, and I love that.

I'm now unemployed for the first time in some four years (jobs are pending) and thus have had the opportunity to experiment with being a housewife for the past week. Upon being married, I've discovered that I really, really like cooking, and I really, really want a baby. Who knew? And other than the grey fog that is hormonal birth control, I've been having the time of my life; Andy and I purchased a Wii, we took two classes together (one was excellent, and one at least was excellent in theory), and heck, I'm living with my best friend. I wake up with my best friend. He brings me Marshmallow Mateys in bed. It's a deliriously beautiful situation.

Andy turned 22 about a month ago, we celebrated our third-of-an-anniversary on Saturday, and I turn 22 in a week from Wednesday. Last week, Andy took me to two concerts (Islands and Ben Folds) for a graduation/Valentine's present. My sister and her family are moving to Salt Lake this summer, and we couldn't be happier. I also cut my hair to a length comparable to Maria Von Trapp's. Andy thinks it's hott.

I've missed my friends. This is the first time there haven't been fifty urgent deadlines pressing on my mind for a long, long time. I'm scared of working full-time; my biggest hope is that I'll get some mindless secretarial job, so that I can have time to think about things again. I'm done being perma-stressed. This is my last chance to live it up before we start cranking out the proverbial shorties. And I'm so in love.

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