Tuesday, December 18, 2007

every fork in the path that I didn't take has never cut me a break

(I secretly love change - it makes me feel something between scared and energized)

- I dropped out of the BFA and, as a result, I'm graduating in April with a Bachelor of Arts.
- Today was my last day at the Cougareat, the job I've had since October of freshman year. It was pretty bittersweet. I got a new job as a graphic designer for BYU Creative Marketing. Scary. I don't know what I'm doing. But I'm getting paid more.
- I'm getting married in nine days. And consequently, but before that in the timeline of events, I go through the temple for the first time on Saturday. I'm trying to be ready and open.
- As a result of wedding-related web-browsing, I've become hooked on style and design blogs. I love cable knit things, pastel colors and variations on white, natural wood, lines, and a lot of other trendy things. I'm starting to embrace my inner interior designer. I'm not a brave eater, but I'd like to be - it's a great virtue, I think. I'd like to break out of my grey world of flavor and teach myself to like bright, colorful things like cranberries and oranges. I've taught myself to like yogurt and tomatoes for this reason.
- I could be a mother real soon, and I'm not entirely opposed to that idea.
- I really like the name Wendy. This is not the only reason I want to be a mother.
- Sometimes making choices scares the jack out of me, for all the options that I close by choosing.
- I got two cavities filled this afternoon.

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Mr. Jimbles said...

I'm sorry if I keep usurping your computer. Maybe I'll make obeisance to you sometime to make up for it.
...If you're thinking, "You keep usurping my computer?", then you should realize that I wrote "if I keep usurping your computer."

Usurping, usurping, usurping, computer computer computer!

L'Afro said...

I love you.

Kismet Keeper said...