Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I typed out everything you said, printed it in wingdings, and gave it back to you...

Ok, you asked lots of questions about my feelings. I'll try to answer each question.

About the people, generally:

I'm absolutely bewildered by how many people there are. And no matter where I've been, people always generally react the same way when we talk to them or knock the door. I feel that we all have a lot more responsibility to help others than meets the eye. I feel that people seldom change themselves or want to change, or they want to change but not enough to do something about it.

It's like how sometimes I say, "I'm dieting except for when I eat," or something like that. It's amazing how every person is different, too.

It's amazing how babies turn into adults through interactions with society.

Those are just some thoughts I've had lately. Am I the only one who realizes how big the earth is?

Individually, I love the people. I'm sad when they make wrong choices. It hurts me. I think of them like brothers and sisters. I like the missionaries and the camaraderie that I've never had before anywhere.

The place is nice weather - lukewarm and without any extreme. People say the years blend together. The cost of living here is very high, even for the smallest apartments. It kinda enslaves the people, and I'm sure that makes me sound like Karl Marx.

There's a lot more problems in the world than we have time for, I think. Everybody's got their own problems. I've become disenchanted with politics. I complimented some nice-looking concrete to my companion the other day and realized that kids don't say stuff like that. (Elder M)

This is mostly a note to you, M, for you to find when you're back on the 'tubes and catching up. This is a note to tell you not to worry about things, not the concern you started this letter with, not anything. Remember how we're a dynamic duo? Remember how we doodle together in class, how we leave literary gems in all the hiding places around campus under Mexi-historical pseudonyms, how we've written letters to each other every week for the past two years, how I love you, and how I've loved you for a pretty long time?

I told you that I think our reunion will be like those movies in which two characters have a romance, then die, and then find each other again in the next life and have to (get to) start over? Like What Dreams May Come, or maybe even Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? It might feel like that at first. But thank heavens I'll always have my memories of you. Thanks heavens my best friend is coming home to me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - here's to the history, the present, and the future we share, my dearest friend.

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Kismet Keeper said...

Things are going pretty well. I go see my G=pa this weekend, so maybe that will change, but I doubt it. I'm back in...home...and I'm looking forward to starting back up at the zoo on Monday.

How are things with you? I'm excited that Elder M is coming home to you!

What was the final verdict on the swim suit?


You said...

Hi. :)