Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Al Gore and I approve this message

The line-up:

Next weekend - brother gets all married.
Weekend after - I fly home for the reception/my birthday.
Weekend after that - come back to Utah.
Weekend after that - foodfight.
Weekend after that - something amazing happens, I'm sure.
Weekend after that - Elder M comes home. Well, he actually gets home the following Wednesday, but I like the impact this list has the way it is.
Two weeks after that, Elder M comes to Utah to start summer term (I'll hopefully be visiting his home some time in between), and a week and a half after that, he and brother and wife and mom and I all fly to Alabama.

Isn't that magical? I truly keep receiving giant blessing after giant blessing, from the practical to the purely enjoyable. I planned on (and was prevented from) posting an entry last night that was composed entirely of pictures - a visual puzzle which, when decoded, would spell out "BFA = SMILEY FACE EXCLAMATION POINT!" There was a beef cuts chart and an elephant and a gentleman and all sorts of good images. Note the punctuation. That's how thrilled I am. And last night when I was out with a handful of oldish friends, I was reminded of Optimistic.'s Las Vegas post in which he treasured the safe, secure, loved feeling he had felt at Taco Bell after our weekly Thursday. That's what it was like for me, only with more upscale tacos. And for free! Thank you, dear friend.

I've got a chunky tax return in the mail, a decent chance at getting the scholarship one last time, an artistic exposure and learning opportunity ahead of me, a dazzling group of friends, a cute little house full of incredible girls waiting for me, and a tall geeky best friend coming home.

...thank you.

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ahem. said...

I would like to point out that I was at neither of those poignant taco endeavors.

What's that about?

Krebscout said...

It's about you having to work last time, and it's about you choosing not to come the first time. Possibly choosing to visit Nancy instead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the frank discussion about the KrebStar 3000 last night, homey. It was education AND entertainment--what I like to call "edutainment."
Many gnarly weekends to you.

-Little Pete